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PHH Environmental UK Limited is a UK-based Environmental, Energy, Sustainability, and Health and Safety Services Consultancy. We provide a wide range of Environmental, Energy, Sustainability, and Health and Safety solutions across the UK and Ireland.

Mission statement

Our primary mission is to promote awareness of Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental and Sustainability, and  Energy Efficiency to ultimately help our clients save money and reduce their environmental impact as part of their activities.

Here at PHH, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our approachable, friendly business style with which we deliver our services to our ever-growing list of clients across the UK.


PHH Environmental (UK) Ltd. operates as an industry leader in the provision of environmental services by integrating and practicing three principles:

Service: We will consistently provide our clients with quality, professional, and efficient consulting.

Integrity: We will consistently honor all commitments to our clients, our Company, and each other.

Excellence: We will consistently excel in all endeavors,  exceed our clients’ expectations, and conduct our activities ethically.

We hold these values very dear and strive to deliver our products and services professionally, efficiently, and to a high industrial standard.

Our company recognizes, through fair and honest treatment, the vital importance and well-being of each employee to its successful operation.

Equality of opportunity

It is the policy of PHH Environmental (UK) Limited to afford equal opportunity for employment to all persons on the basis of individual capacity and merit.

The company is committed to recruit, select, hire, promote, and train for all job classifications without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical handicap, or ancestry.

Each employee takes responsibility for a positive work atmosphere, a commitment to teamwork, and total respect for the public and environment which we serve.


Our service delivery is reliable, professional, and dependable; we always meet our client’s requirements and have never lost a client since our inception in 2004.


Health and Safety and Occupational Health

PHH Environmental (UK) Limited provides all types of asbestos, fire risk, toxic mould, lead, and legionella inspections and consultancy services for all categories of buildings throughout the UK.

We also consult clients and aid, where appropriate, in preparing asbestos management programs for client premises. These include an in-depth risk assessment and detail of how asbestos in the building should be controlled in accordance with the current version of the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR).

We are proud to offer the following unique and tailored services to our clients:-      

Energy and Sustainability

PHH Environmental (UK) Limited provides, via our Sister Company, Energy Performance Assessments, audits, and consultancy services for all categories of buildings throughout the UK.

We are proud to offer the following unique, tailored services to our clients:-