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PHH has helped many of our larger and long term clients devise and implement Asbestos Management plans for their existing building stock.

We have devised over many years a user-friendly, intuitive, and dynamic set of policies and procedures to help all clients successfully meet their requirements as duty holders under relevant sections of the CAR Regulations.

Our clients have included Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Care Home Companies, Property Managers and Facilities Managers, Commercial Enterprises, and single-unit landlords.

These policies are usually integrated with our well-oiled survey and register update programs and online registers for managing Asbestos Assets efficiently and painlessly, taking away the headache this process usually causes for clients or those new to the industry.

This process also provides clients with access to our staff’s great expertise and knowledge to enable “on-call” advice whenever required with no charge for doing so.

Call us on 02920 493000 or email our team for more information.