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Asbestos Update Survey

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Your duty to manage asbestos, under Reg 4 of CAR, does not end with the initial survey. Any asbestos materials found need to be checked regularly to ensure that control measures are fit for purpose.

In fact, according to the HSE:-

“Even after your action plan is completed, you need to continue to manage the risks from asbestos left in place
in your building. Walk around your building to review your record and update it as necessary. Look at the ACMs
left in place, including those you have sealed or enclosed, to see if they have deteriorated or been damaged or
disturbed in any way. The time between inspections will depend on the type of material, where it is and its
condition, but it should be at least every six to 12 months.”

This is where asbestos update surveys help duty holders to accurately, and effectively, monitor the condition of their asbestos assets.

This kind of survey checks on the current condition of previously identified ACMs within any of the previous forms of asbestos surveys. It will be used to determine whether attention is required if ACMs have deteriorated or indeed removed since the original survey was carried out.

Asbestos registers are produced recording any or all changes to any ACMs.

This survey will involve an assessment of the condition of the various ACMs and their ability to release fibres into the air, the material assessment. PHH will also provide a draft priority risk assessment for any ACMs found. This level of investigation will not involve sampling of suspect ACMs but may also include presumed materials that were difficult to access or sample.

Our surveys also include a draft risk assessment of the material taking into account its location and the activities in that location. This can form the basis of a future asbestos management program.

Other features

  • Designed for compliance with Health and Safety, CDM, and CAR Regulations.
  • PHH is UKAS accredited to ISO 17020:2012 for the provision of all types of Asbestos Surveys and Priority Risk Assessments, our Accredited Body Number is 384. We are not, however, accredited for the provision of update asbestos surveys. 
  • All surveys are carried out in accordance with HSE HSG264 and HSG227 which are the approved and recognized format for asbestos surveys in the UK. Each survey results in a report containing an asbestos register.
  • Our services are competitive and ‘best value’. Prospective clients should be aware that there are a number of small operators that do not have appropriate insurance cover, who are offering asbestos surveys.
  • We are able to provide fixed price quotations or can work on a negotiated cost plus overheads and profit basis. Negotiation can be as part of a client wishing to subscribe to ‘Egan’ principles in relation to partnering in the supply chain.
  • Depending upon the client’s needs, we offer all types of asbestos surveys and all types of properties and on completion, we issue pdf copies of the report as standard. Reports can also be issued in hard copy (we may charge to cover material and admin costs) or can be made available on our unique asbestos register that is individually tailored to each client.
  • PHH can also provide update surveys (PHH are not Accredited for this service) or complete re-inspection surveys of existing PHH or other company inspections and provide online access to them via our online register service.