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PHH run Asbestos Awareness courses to highlight the risks of asbestos to trades people, such as plumbers, joiners, electrician and maintenance people.

With the HSE constantly running major campaigns highlighting the dangers of working around asbestos, PHH is continuing to provide the Asbestos Awareness course and is running a series of Compliance Clinics, where those people responsible for buildings and supervisors of tradespeople are giving the relevant information that will enable them to keep their people safe and working in a safe environment.

  • PHH can provide bespoke or standardized Asbestos Awareness (Category “A”) and Asbestos Essentials Training for you to meet the training requirements of Regulation 10 of the CAR Regs.
  • Delegates are taught what asbestos is, where it comes from, how prevalent it is, where you find it in buildings, how to identify it, how to do minor amounts of repair and removal to facilitate their day to day operations.
  • We discuss some of the common uses of asbestos that employees need to know about when operating their facilities.
  • We talk about the health effect of asbestos, and the regulations surrounding asbestos.
  • We give information on when and how it can be acceptable to do work in an area containing asbestos-containing material (ACM).
  • The training includes specific reference to typical maintenance jobs in areas where there is an ACM and shows how to ensure that work is completed safely.
  • Delegates are provided with a comprehensive handout which includes flow charts to help in deciding what work can be done.
  • Delegate participation is encouraged throughout the training sessions.
  • Successful completion of the courses provides delegates with a personal certificate of attendance.

Alternatively, you can check out our suite of online, distant-learning, courses at our Training Academy

Bulk discounts can be provided for larger groups too and delegates will be provided with a coupon to redeem after the fee has been paid. 

Please Contact Us to discuss how we may help your business and to obtain a quotation for training.