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Welcome to PHH’s flagship online training academy.

Here you can find various courses on various subjects that are tailored for non-experts to raise awareness on certain topics. They are also useful for anyone who wants to know more about a particular subject.

Some of our courses are specially designed to highlight certain health and safety risks, like exposure to asbestos, to tradespeople, such as plumbers, joiners, electricians, and maintenance people.

From time to time we will add new courses and amend older ones, where required.

Each course can be completed in your own time and include quizzes at the end of each section. You will also need to pass a final exam to be awarded the completion certificate at the end of each course.

Being a distance learning platform, there is no way to ask questions directly to the instructor but feel free to email them if you wish to know more about any aspect of each course.

We have worked hard to ensure the accuracy of our content, but if you do spot that something might not be quite right, please do let us know.